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Project Controlling

Your partner for improving the efficiency of your business controlling function

Plan and control value-added processes driven by market and value. Doing so requires that cost & value drivers in the company's value-added chain that generate no or little customer benefit are made visible and controllable.

We support you with technical and managerial expertise to identify cost reduction and value improvement opportunities, so that these become market-driven and controllable.

Our expertise is based on extensive hands-on experience, in conjunction with the latest subject-matter knowledge related to business management and software engineering.

Our areas of expertise:

  • Process development
  • Developing controlling software solutions
  • Project management

Your benefits:

  • Reduced effort due to demand-driven information supply
  • Proactive responsiveness to market changes
  • Comprehensive identification of opportunities and risks
  • Sustainable improvement of business success

In order to upgrade or introduce new processes and software, you will need expertise that you can rely on.

Our consulting services (excerpt):

  • Create transparency and cost structures and processes
  • Enhance cost accounting and costing
  • Develop planning and reporting processes and tools
  • Develop key performance indicator systems
  • Optimize analysis and reporting processes
  • Develop business cases and simulation models as support for commercial/business decisions
  • Identify optimization opportunities, develop and sustainably implement proposed solutions

We implement our consulting projects based on project management methodologies with transparent objectives, services, and objective attainment levels.

Your benefits:

  • Identification of cost reduction and margin improvement opportunities
  • Sustainable implementation of optimization action plans
  • Increased margins and business value

Do you require support for change processes in your business? Do you need a fresh breeze and new ideas for your projects? ORAGO is your partner who supports you with extensive industry knowledge and a unique range of expertise.

We give you pragmatic and hands-on solutions, and coordinate or relieve your project workload. We give you objective-driven support for all topics related to the controlling function with our operationally experienced consultants and project managers.

We support you in the following functions:

  • Cost and output accounting / controlling
  • Cost management
  • Planning and budgeting
  • Analysis and (ad-hoc) reporting
  • Production controlling
  • Sales control
  • Project controlling

Your benefits:

  • Flexible use of resources
  • Reduced costs, since you will only rely on our services if they are needed
  • Insourcing of controlling expertise

As a Microsoft partner, ORAGO offers you standard software and the development of company-specific cost management & controlling software.

Our IT services:

  • Development of customized software with interfaces to ERP and other systems
  • Software for ad hoc reports and analyses
  • Costing software
  • Access and SQL database development
  • Business intelligence software
  • Development of cloud solutions
  • ORAGO controlling standard software CC 3.0

Your benefits:

You end up with software that efficiently and effectively supports you based on straightforward user menus and by taking into account the specific needs of your business.

  • Increased consistency in IT processes, avoidance of system breaks.
  • Increase productivity of IT systems
  • Microsoft partner guarantee and service

Operational and strategic controlling

  • Cost and output accounting
  • Cost and output controlling
  • Financial management
  • Planning and budgeting
  • Consolidation
  • Reporting
  • Development of business-specific key performance indicator systems
  • Production controlling
  • Sales control
  • Purchasing controlling
  • Project controlling
  • Business cases
  • Dynamic investment accounting
  • Strategic and operational transfer price management


Product cost management


  • Product lifecycle cost management
  • Product cost controlling
  • Target costing
  • Cost & Value Engineering
  • Benchmarking
  • Cost-benefit analyses
  • Complexity management
  • Technical / business management consulting

Software development

  • Excel, Access VBA
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • DevExpress
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Interfaces to ERP and other systems