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Module – Lean Business Controlling

ORAGO CC 3.0 is a modular cost management & controlling soft

ORAGO CC 3.0 is a modular cost management & controlling software system that allows you to proactively identify and control productivity improvement and cost reduction opportunities in your company's value-added chain.

CC 3.0 creates transparency for the performance capabilities of your business processes. The effectiveness of operational and strategic decisions, and of external influence factors can be accurately measured and controlled over the short, mid, and long-term.

The software can be operated as a standalone system or can be integrated with ERP and other systems. Microsoft Excel compatibility gives you the necessary flexibility to quickly determine results with reasonable effort.

The user-selected configuration of controlling modules and processes allows the software to meet the specific needs of your company without impacting the software standard.


User-friendly workflows allow you to
  • efficiently integrate operational and strategic business planning
  • accurately conduct cost efficiency and investment accounting
  • perform detailed product costing and cost analyses
  • prepare meaningful plan-actual and variance analyses
  • generate standardized and automated reports and forecasts

The ability to design and calculate various planning models and scenarios creates a highly-functional business management instrument for continuously optimizing profitability and productivity.

CC 3.0 LBC creates transparency for cost inception, productivity, and profitability. Opportunities for increasing productivity and margins can be identified at an early stage.

The innovative business logic is based on processes based on which you can reliably and successfully manage your company's technical and commercial transition to Industry 4.0.

The LBC module ideally prepares you for any transformation. On behalf of our customers, we rely on efficient processes, straightforward operability, and proven Microsoft technology.

As a result, you can continue to rely on your familiar Excel environment. The latest database technology with integrated Excel functionality makes your controlling function reliable, productive, and meaningful.

But even more so, the seamless and consistent interaction with Microsoft office and your ERP system makes LBC into an adaptable, future-proof investment.

Operational and strategic business planning

  • Proactively plan, analyze, and shape your company's success
  • Harness competitive advantages by identifying margin opportunities and risks at an early stage

Cost and margin controlling

  • Reliably estimate, plan, and control sales revenues, costs, margins, and return on capital
  • Identify and increase opportunities for productivity improvements

Sales controlling

  • Profitably manage product portfolios
  • Successfully market new products based on accurate, reliable product costing and pricing estimates
  • Sustainably secure margins with contribution margin accounting

Production controlling

  • Increase the productivity and profitability of investments
  • Sustainably and profitably load capacities

Project controlling

  • Successfully plan and execute projects
  • Reliably attain profitability objectives of new products and investments

Business intelligence and reporting

  • Generate meaningful analyses and performance metrics when needed
  • Reduce reporting effort by up to 90%