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Module – Product Cost Management

PCM - Software module for sustainably optimizing costs over the entire product lifecycle

Decisions about taking on new orders, and engaging new product developments and investments have a long-term impact on a company's success. In order to completely assess the associated risks and opportunities, CC 3.0 PCM is equipped with comprehensive, leading-edge strategic cost management functionality.

PCM software is built on a database, allowing you to reliably avoid media breaks that commonly occur when costing with Excel tables. However, because of the user-friendliness of PCM, you will not miss the flexibility offered by Excel.

The applications include a product costing and analysis, product lifecycle costing, product development costing, proposal costing, plan-actual costing, investment accounting, business case costing, and benchmark costing.

The highly capable software technology in ORAGO CC 3.0 will allow you to significantly increase productivity and the certainty and transparency of your product costing function.

Systematically leveraging market opportunities requires a fast response to customer needs. The ORAGO CC 3.0 product costing software gives you the ability to reliably and quickly calculate costs and proposals.

For this purpose, the software features automated functions that give the estimator ad hoc access to costing data and parameters.

Intuitive workflows and a flexible user interface facilitate a productive and efficient costing process.

Accurately assessing market or target prices facilitates a clear distinction between risks or opportunities. The costing methodology in CC 3.0 is based on the latest costing processes that meet the requirements of today's complex industrial value-added processes.

Our software technology reliably avoids data redundancies. It verifies that costing parameters are complete, and informs the user about the plausibility of costing results.

The accuracy of determined costs, profits, and prices gives you certainty for the sales & marketing process, gives you the ability to proactively determine costs and value drivers starting with product development, and allows you to profitably invest into new processes and equipment.

CC 3.0 lets you identify the cost reduction and productivity improvement opportunities in the value-added chain of your suppliers – plausibly and coherently.


  • Product costing and analysis
  • Costing with benchmark cost rates
  • Product data management
  • Cost efficiency and investment accounting
  • Product lifecycle costing
  • Product development costing
  • Proposal costing, plan-actual costing
  • Investment accounting
  • Business case costing
  • Accurate costing and analysis
  • Identification of cost reduction and productivity improvement opportunities
  • Plausible target costing

Our product costing software can be used to cost all industrially manufactured products.

Industrial sectors:

  • automobile industry
  • mechanical engineering
  • electrical engineering
  • medical device engineering
  • wood processing, and many more