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Lean Business Controlling

Hands-on-seminar "Controlling for managers" ("Controlling for Non-Controllers")

Controlling is a sub-function of business management. Its primary role is to plan, control, and monitor all parts of the business. The controlling function consolidates data from accounting and other sources. The data is then compiled into information that documents the performance and profitability of the company for management.

The resulting conclusions are used to make decisions and to define objectives for operational and strategic business planning and control.

The controlling function has become increasingly more important for businesses. The integration of all business functions and divisions into controlling processes implies the interaction of managers and employees with those in charge of the controlling function.

In connection with this, it is advantageous when the controller and manager speak the same language to ensure effective collaboration.

The seminar informs departmental and managerial staff about the objectives and impact of the controlling function on the business. The terminology, processes, instruments, and methods are explained, giving seminar participants a better understanding of the value-added the controlling function generates for the business.

Last but not least, the seminar is intended to improve the communication and interaction between controllers and managers in the spirit of achieving business objectives as a team.

Seminar content and registration form - pdf-download