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ORAGO CC 3.0 Software Suite

ORAGO CC 3.0 Product Cost Management & Controlling Software Suite

ORAGO CC 3.0 is a modular software suite that allows you to configure a product cost management & controlling system customized to your company based on user-selected costing and controlling modules.

ORAGO CC 3.0 supports your efforts in creating transparency for cost inception and value added in products and processes.

The result allows you to quickly identify opportunities for cost reduction and margin improvements, from the product inception process to mass production.

Highly capable business intelligence functions allow you to accurately analyze complex data volumes and structures. Analyses and reports can be created ad hoc.

The CC 3.0 modules can be configured to your specific needs without compromising the software standard. Interfaces to ERP systems and full compatibility with Microsoft Office improve the productivity and the informative value of your cost accounting and controlling function.

The high flexibility of CC 3.0 allows you to replace autonomous Excel applications with standardized database technology. This avoids media breaks, creates consistent information processes, and improves the reliability and productivity for the cost management, business planning, controlling functions.

As a result, you are able to work more efficiently, accurately, and reliably. CC 3.0 will quickly become a profitable investment for you.

You can find more information about the strategic and operational controlling functions under this link: Lean Business Controlling