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Cost & Value Engineering

Generate more product benefits at competitive costs. Cost & Value Engineering allows us to:
  • Reduce product and investment costs
  • Create transparency for product value and quality
  • Increase product value and quality
  • Cut product development timelines
  • Generate high market acceptance

Costing & Controlling Software

Systematically reduce product costs and generate profitable orders with ORAGO CC 3.0:
  • Identify cost reduction and margin opportunities, from product inception to the end of production
  • Accurately cost complex products and modular elements
  • Conclusively plan, control, and sustainably optimize costs and margins
  • Plan, cost, and analyze efficiently, productively, and reliably
  • High user acceptance due to straight-forward user menus and lean processes

Lean Business Controlling

We support your efforts to increase the efficiency of your controlling and reporting processes:
  • Reduced effort due to demand-driven information supply
  • Sensitization to cost/benefit relationships of controlling reports
  • Greater success due to target costs and market orientation
  • Transparency of cost reduction and margin opportunities in products and processes


Expand your knowledge headstart for cost management and controlling:
  • Rely on cost engineering methods to develop product value in a cost and quality-driven manner
  • Identify and increase cost reduction and margin opportunities in products, production & business processes
  • Successfully apply leading-edge cost management & controlling methods to optimize costs & margins

Customized to your company

Based on a comprehensive range of software, service, and training services, we give you an end-to-end system for transparently controlling costs, productivity, and product value.

    Our services:

    • Cost management & controlling software for continuously controlling costs and value in the valued-added chain
    • Cost & value engineering service to create cost transparency and to systematically control product costs and value over the product lifecycle
    • User consulting and training for ORAGO software and cost engineering methods